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About Us

Chooseyourfuture.org was developed to provide students with the resources they need to plan a successful path to graduation and post-high school success. It is the web site for Early College and Career Education (ECCE) and K-12 Counseling and Advising within the Office of Pathways to College and Career (OPCC) at Chicago Public Schools.

OPCC coordinates academic programming such as Career and Technical Education (CTE), as well as school-based staff with a focus on college and career preparation, such as secondary counselors, college and career coaches and specialists. Together, OPCC’s resources work to strengthen college preparation curricula and guidance supports in all Chicago high schools. In addition, we partner with local and national colleges and universities to create an array of college experiences and resources for students. We also collaborate with industry partners to provide work-based learning and prepare students for career exploration experiences.

OPCC’s work was founded on four essential principles: awareness, readiness, access, and success. We believe that with the proper supports, every student has the ability to choose their future!