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Choose Your Future Gets A Facelift

Choose Your Future

The new Choose Your Future is here! While many of the upgrades that make this so exciting are behind-the-scenes, many of the visible enhancements to the web site, including a cleaner look and feel, better organized, searchable content, and greater capacity for posting text and images, are immediately apparent. The launch of the new site this weekend was only the beginning, and the “facelift” will continue with enhanced and more comprehensive content, covering the entire realm of college and career preparation at CPS.

Choose Your Future is the web site of the Office of College and Career Preparation (OCCP). It was developed to provide students with the resources they need to plan a successful path to graduation and post-high school success. OCCP believes that with the proper supports every student has the ability to choose their future, and the team is dedicated to supplying programming and information that will help achieve the CPS vision of graduating every student ready for college and the global economy.

Students – this site is for you, so check out the new Chooseyourfuture.org to view or register for upcoming events, see program availability, search for scholarship opportunities, get updated news and success stories, and read helpful tips for college and career preparation. OCCP counselors and other staff are also advised to peruse the site for toolkits, reports and more. These items will continue to be housed in the staff resources section of the web site.

We are proud to present a more flexible and efficient way to Choose Your Future!