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Virtual Learning: Take Courses Online This Summer

Virtual Learning: Take Courses Online This Summer

CPS is revamping its strategy on how it utilizes online learning during the summer to meet the diverse needs of CPS students. In addition to the online summer credit recovery opportunities "Get On-Track", the new online summer strategy will include three new pilot elements—"Get Prepared" for incoming 8th and incoming 9th graders, "Get Ahead" for 9-12th graders and "Get Inspired" for 9th-12th graders.

Registration ends June 13, 2011.

Advance & Accelerate

(Incoming 9-12th grade students)
Students can take core courses online to create opportunities to “get ahead” in their coursework and/or graduation requirements.

Be Prepared

(Incoming 8th—9th grade students)
Students going into 8th grade, or 9th grade can enroll in composition and pre-algebra courses to “get prepared” for high school level concepts in advance of the school year.

Conquer Credit Recovery

(Incoming 9-12th grade students)
“Get on-track” by taking classes to recover courses that were failed, and get back on track for graduation. This program takes place in virtual credit recovery labs across the city.

Do Something Different, Dig Deeper

(Incoming 9th-12th grade students)
Students are invited to “get inspired “ by taking online elective courses that present a field experience over the summer.

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