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Career and Technical Education Information for Staff and Partners - Online Companion to the CTE Guide

Employability Assessment Overview Presentation

The Department of Career and Technical Education (CTE) needed an employability assessment that was…

  • Based on an observed 3rd party rating of a student, much like a job interview rating (i.e., not a paper-based assessment taken by a student)
  • Free or low-cost to administer, by one or by multiple parties in a grading period
  • Formative, i.e., included a rubric with stages of development through which students could progress over time, and could be administered multiple times over 3 years
  • Practical – i.e.,
    • Focused on a core set of skills that could be quickly assessed so as not to over-burden teachers in implementation – some teachers have 100+ students to assess
    • Online – to facilitate quick turnaround time in data availability and analysis
    • Not industry-specific, i.e., applicable to all occupational areas

CTE, in partnership with CWIC, conducted research and found that no existing assessment met all criteria and created a customized assessment tool, focused on the core employability skills most commonly identified in our research.